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We develop exhaustive technical solutions for core targets such as brands, commerce, HORECA and households, leading to driving your business performance by capturing client attendance among other things. Here at Intouch Media, we value the importance of capturing the vision of our clients’ business throughout compelling techniques or, in other words, with the help of touch screen technology.

While providing you and your company a seamless transition from various devices to table / floor / window touch screens, we will help you tailor any type of interior for connecting with your customers on a visual level as well. We firmly believe that, in this fast-forward world, you have to use distinctive strategies and designs to associate your brand to consumers’ preferences and we come with a solution – implementing your ideas through touch screens.

If you know by now that impeccable creative ideas can stimulate your business and you have already thought about including a touch screen into your forthcoming successful story, Intouch Media will help you produce concepts worth sharing, by replacing those passive presentations with engaging ones and awing potential customers with an immersive graphic user platform.

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Dj Table

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Presentation Phone

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Multi purpouse table with Windows 8.1

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Intouch Media offers a digitalized, more engaging experiences, empowering people to simultaneously operate the innovative surfaces, which have integrated touch screen technology. Whether you choose to use this interactive screen for conference rooms, boardrooms, media centers, welcome areas, bars or training centers, there are 3 different technologies that can be used for your cutting edge project: infrared frame technology – which is based on infrared frames and IR emitters, capacitive technology – that uses the same technology as smartphones and tablets for a faster and more accurate response, and optical imaging technology for larger surfaces, such as walls and floors.

And while receiving a touch screen for your company with a package of software features and various applications, you have the option to build your unique custom software. Intouch Media will implement multi-touch, multi-application and multi-user characteristics for your company’s needs, be it for employees, your customers or both of them.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a project that needs to be seen through the lens of avant-garde touch screen technology. We will work around our clients’ needs in order to deliver an impeccable outcome for each and every business, that will help it differentiate on today’s competitive markets.



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